We at Premier Medical Resources, Inc., strive to develop long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships, based on quality, integrity, dedication, and trust.

Healthcare professionals are in high demand... and you deserve an open and easy approach to find the right candidate for your organization. Be the organization to benefit from our proprietary high-tech software, and efficient methods of service, yet delivered with a personal touch.

Premier Medical Resources, Inc., brings together quality healthcare employers and quality professionals. We understand that each organization has its own specific needs and tailor our search for potential candidates to those characteristics.

We begin our process by analyzing your needs, preferences, and attributes including the job description, work environment, and the candidates personality type and aptitudes.  Initial analysis creates a firm foundation that assures an excellent match between company and candidate.

Next, we do extensive research to identify outstanding candidates who meet the criteria established during the initial analysis. We strive for the and search for the best.

Finally, we screen the high-quality candidates, and determine their level of interest in the employment opportunity.  Typically, two to three of the most qualified candidates are presented.

Already Have A Recruiter?  If you have an internal recruiting department or longstanding recruiting relationships, use their work and productivity as a basis for comparison. Premier Medical Associates, Inc., prides itself as a company on bringing you the best, and also in BEING the best.

Getting Started

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A member of the Premier Medical Resources, Inc., team will answer your questions, discuss your needs. We then schedule a time to obtain the pertinent information, including a job description and your ideal candidates qualifications and characteristics. Your case-specific search will begin immediately.

Are you in need of the "cream of the crop," a dedicated, qualified candidate who will be an invaluable resource to your organization? Then call us at Premier Medical Resources, Inc. In the fast-paced healthcare field, it's good to have someone on your side. Someone like us...